Twilight market, butterfly release & family friendly picnic.
A birthday celebration for babies chasing butterflies in the sky.


"Alfie's Butterfly Market"
Gardens of Partridge House
38 Partridge St
Glenelg SA 5045


12th of February, every year
4:00pm - 7:00pm

Twilight Market

The Twilight Market will showcase plenty of local handmade goodness. If you or your business wish to host a stall at the Twilight Market, please Register by clicking here.

In Memory of Alfie

Still Aware was formed by a mother to a baby born still, at 40 weeks in South Australia. Alfie Foord-Heath was born without breath on February 12, 2014. With no rhyme or reason for the death of this healthy baby girl, her mother and father - with the guidance of an advisory board and your help - aim to change how we talk about stillbirth prior to the tragedy, raising awareness in hopes of prevention.


Butterfly Release

To honour the babies who are no longer with us earth-side, we release live butterflies at twilight, to send our birthday wishes up to them in the sky. Butterflies are available for pre-purchase here.

About Still Aware

At Still Aware our focus is to bring about much needed awareness to the tragic event of a baby born still.

  • Every year more than 2000 babies are born still in Australia.

  • Daily 6 babies are born still in Australia…that’s one baby, one family, every 4 hours.

  • For every baby that dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 35 are stillborn in Australia[1]

Our Still Aware mission is to…

  • Raise awareness of stillbirth in Australia - to all people, including health care professionals responsible for the care of pregnant women

  • Lift the level of understanding to that of SIDS

  • Empower mothers to trust their babies and trust their instincts through regular third trimester self-monitoring and following their “gut” to insist on and feel comfortable asking for a check-up

  • Bring about change to the way in which we talk about and acknowledge a baby born still

Have you ever noticed the fleeting beauty of a butterfly as it floats by? Butterflies have a magical quality to them. They appear so ethereal and fragile, much like fairies dancing on air. These beautiful creatures can serve as wonderful spiritual messengers - both literally and figuratively.
— Laura Hamilton